September 3, 2013

At the Two Week Marker

Well this soft cast will go away tomorrow. I found out on 8.21.2013 that I had fractured my right foot two days before. This usually heals in 6 weeks. Of course the day I was at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center ER in Brighton there were no Dr.s who could attend other than the residents on the spot. They sent me on my way with this beauty and told me to make an appointment to see the specialist in 2 weeks. Tomorrow this will be replaced most probably with a fiberglass cast, or a plaster. Hard cast should be on for about four weeks. It is astonishing how little one can do with out one's right foot and on crutches. It has been a bit of a bummer end to the summer of 2013. I am catching up on reading all the fashion blogs and books I never get to... 

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