August 5, 2016

May 24, 2016

Mash Up with Hicks & Hats
Scout King & Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin invite you to an event at Porter Mill Studios
95 Rantoul Street
Beverly, MA 01915Studio #3-7
Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 6pm-8pm
Wine, cheese, delightful hand made hats from Milliner Scout King and view the beautiful exclusive items from the India Hicks collection.
We may have a fun raffle that night plenty of conversation and networking!

April 5, 2016

I just joined  the Cape Ann TimeBank 

Two lovely ladies have signed up for their April Spring 2016 closet review, edit and clean-out. 

In preparing them I sent some simple instructions, create a Pinterest Board of the looks you love. Dream Big. Get a ton of images that reflect where you want your look to go this year. That will give us inspiration as we edit down the existing wardrobe. 

I also have some boxes or bins required for the actual hour we spend together. Given that a portion of the closet will need to go to charity I love having the charity box, then one box for repair and alterations, another for give away to friends and family. Often the last box is what is left to work from to create the wardrobe that reflects the direction to move forward towards that Pinterest Board Dream Big look for the rest of the year. 

I also sent this note and book off to the two ladies. Pick the book up for yourself so worthwhile. 

Please accept this gift in preparation for our session. 

A quick read through Marie Kondo’s book could make your experience with my service even more valuable. Go to my web site to gather information about fashion. That web site is where to find assistance with the idea of the organization of your wardrobe and to gain a tip or two that will enhance your future purchases with your lifestyle and well into the upcoming shopping season. 

To contact  me at anytime to schedule a personal shopping/consulting service, or for a quick tip call, 617-620-5239.  Together we can discuss your existing wardrobe question and I can offer you wise advise. I can help you to purge and assist you toward streamlining your wardrobe to add some fresh spring looks. 

With my knowledge of the current season trends and my passion to provide a great ongoing customer service experience I look forward to helping fine tune your existing wardrobe.  In this way we get an interesting peek at what is in your current closet and help you to create new looks with what you own. Thank you for letting me come in to help you to gain that insight and perspective on what you already have in your closet and what key elements need to be added to complete your look.  

Our upcoming visit may extend us going on a shopping spree. With my help we can take a shopping adventure, our goal  being to try something totally new and add one great seasonal piece to your current wardrobe.  

Let's connect and have fun. 

March 29, 2016

Have you been up to Lowell, MA lately? I had not been for many, many years and on Saturday we took a little excursion. Mill No 5 in Lowell is so easy to find and so worth the trip. It's quite a wonderful experience. First you have a mixed-use space that is so wonderful in it's concept and simplicity. Great old mill space, tons of refurbished vintage interior to set the stage for a warm feel, great coffee shop, great small theatre and great little yoga studio. There are several wonderful small shops with sole proprietors speaking to you about their products like an old world European shopping experience. I loved everything about it. Lot's of great things to do there, live music and events and a maker space to open up this Spring. It's worth checking out. 
250 Jackson Street Lowell, MA

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