September 16, 2013

Foot, softcasts, fractures, aircasts and such...

Well all I can say is it's a long road back. It is coming up on a month this week that I fractured my foot in two places. To go from being vibrant, working full time, running around the store all day and dealing with people constantly to being off your feet, on crutches (if you have to move) inactive, and alone for most of the day is a big challenge. I am resting and doing exactly as the Dr. has advised. I am reading, working on the internet, reading, reading, reading... a bit of TV but as you all know I watch so little TV it is almost like I am out of the loop on most shows. I hope to get motivated to post some stuff as I have another couple of weeks before I visit the Dr. again and find out more about how to become mobile and how the healing is progressing. What a journey. Thanks for the cards. I am still getting mail at my PO BOX in Newton and at the apartment as well.

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