June 30, 2011


I have been a huge fan of wearing tones of the same color for so long now.

Head to toe dressing in one color and monochromatic are wonderful, but for me I like to mix it up. As long as I am wearing one color I love to mix up the tones, light to dark, some print of the color in varying tones.

Totally monochromatic is lovely on women, it creates a long and lean line and I am certainly not saying to throw our baby out with the bath water... but...

I was so validated when I read our Eileen Fisher Color Fall 2011 directive by Chris Costan our very own color designer.

For us this fall season, color is going to be about mixing tonal color, layering tones of the same color and blending colors.

I could not be happier and Chris is one of my favorite creative people, she has so much to offer for us to learn about color and art.

To further validate this I was cruising through my ever growing daily emails from retailers and I spotted the Anthropologie on line fall look book, the theme color theory. Go figure, once again I am before my time but muddling about it unawares.

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