June 29, 2011

Breakin Rules

Well today I am breaking my own rules.

I am wearing a legging as a pant.
I bought these fun navy blue, ribbed leggings from Lucky Brand. They were on sale for a steal and I picked them up on a whim. They have three little buttons on the ankle as an embellishment.

I have on a little tunic top but it is a very young look and I probably should not be sporting it.
I am off from work for the next six days so no frills, no make-up, no fuss!

At the store we just received in our July shipment (pre-fall) new leggings. We have a viscose cropped legging with the same type of embellishment I just described and they have some substance so you can wear them with a dress or tunic as an alternative to panty hose or bare legged.

Come by the store to visit me and pick up a pair.

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