June 28, 2011

Mary Lou Andre

Ready to Wear at dressingwell

Ladies if you do not know Mary Lou Andre, her blog or her book then get on it, and quick.

Mary Lou is the de facto standard with regard to all things in dressing, in style and in professional appearance. Where I write about the quirky, fun, frivolous things of fashion she is the quintessential professional. Her take is both serious and spot on. I live and die by her book.

Right at the moment by dog-eared copy is in Gloucester, MA at the home of a wonderful lady who bid on me at silent auction from a local charity. I went to visit her home on Sunday. I have to say that everything she needs to know and do can be found in the Ready to Wear book.

I was happy to assist her in her closet but really the most important thing about style is knowing oneself and knowing your own personal style. This book supports you in the journey of discovering what that might be for you. Order the book from her web site post haste.

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