June 23, 2011


From Tarte Cosmetics I picked up this Amazonian clay mascara. Very rich and luxurious. You can find it a Sephora.com or in store. It retails for $19.00.

Sorry I have not been blogging. So much going on at the Schraffa household these days and it has not been very positive or festive.

It appears after many months of my Mother's health decline that there may be a good chance she has Lyme Disease. We are waiting for more testing to come back. It has been a rapid decline of a very young women with the energy of the Energizer Bunny himself.

I have been consumed by the matters at hand and not finding much time to think clearly and write well.

Indeed I hope to be back on track next week after the findings from the specialists and hopefully have Mom on a course of treatment.

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