September 19, 2010

Silver Rules

Well ladies and gents as I said yesterday in my post I sort of do not follow trends and I do not take too much seriously unless I see it twice or more. I was stunned to see another article on white hair as a fashion statement again in October 2010 Marie Claire magazine on page 293. It is so funny because a few weeks ago I posted a fun and frivolous statement on my facebook page about all the rage white hair and silver hair is in fashion right now. The likes of Lady Gaga and some other gals who are playing with white as a fashion color.

I am just feeling so in tune right now. Thank goodness, as I said, I tend not to follow trends, as I have been at the Au natural hair thing for the last 9 years. I am finally happy with my hair and will never return to the days of color. Maybe I was fashion forward a few years before my time.

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