September 18, 2010

Gap Toothed Fashion

I often do not pay much attention to something unless I see it twice or maybe even three times, but back in late August, I saw an article called Mind The Gap on gap-toothed models. It was published in W magazine so touge in cheek I posted this onto my facebook page:

... the gap between the front teeth, especially in women, had been associated with lustful characteristics. Thus, the implication in describing "the gap-toothed wife of Bath" is that she is a middle-aged woman with insatiable lust. This has no scientific basis, but it has been a popular assumption in folklore ...

This month for October 2010 Marie Claire magazine page 278 is an article
The Gap Generation all about gap-toothed ingenues. I was reading this just the other night.

So, finally, one of the things my entire life that I have hated about myself is oh all so the fashion rage. Lesson learned love every single part of yourself.

I find myself in the company of Laura Stone, Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Hutton, Jane Berkin, Vanessa Paradis, not bad company to keep.

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