May 11, 2010

Old World Views

It was common growing up in Nonantum, MA for us to be hanging clothes out on the old fashioned clotheslines.

In a very Italian community with a European lifestyle it was not an unusual practice.

In 1975 we moved up scale to West Newton MA and had an enormous clothesline that ran from the house porch down the entire lawn to a tree at the back of our property. We never owned a clothes dryer. This practice was not as widely accepted across town as it was back in the old neighborhood.

It seems to be all the rage now to line dry clothing and create a greener life-style in your home, but we Schraffas have been doing this already for years. Once again I am 35 years ahead of my time.

On another note:

I just read somewhere that we are filling landfills each year with more and more clothing and other textiles to the tune of 23.8 billion pounds. Please consider recycling your garments, clothing swaps, making the old into something new, reuse everything.

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