November 25, 2009

Glossed and Gilded

I am so bummed out- has anyone heard of the 13 year old fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. Her blog kicks butt. She is a kid for gosh sakes. She is everywhere.

Onto more positive words...

I have been watching Fall 2009 runway shows on my many good ones....

The makeup for the fall shows is huge. Ungaro fall show was all about the lips two toned with lots of gloss and high drama. Could not get a good close up photo of the face to post, but trust me it was very cool. Top lip in fuchsia color with a hint of gold lip liner (only a hint). Bottom lip a great orange/red. Lather it up with lots of glossy lip gloss.

The Marni fall show for 2009 was all about gold. Painted and gilded skin. So cool. Gold powder all over eyes, including brows and eyelashes and gold flecked sheer lips.

Too cool to try this at home, maybe not. I might play around with the two toned, two color lips. Let ya know how that goes.

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