November 27, 2009


"Joliet" Jake E. Blues & ElwoodJ. Blues

The Blues Brothers circa 1980

I always get the blues this time of year, as of today it is officially the retail holiday season. Black Friday always brings out the nasty in folks.

Please this year be kind to all your servers, both in retail and hospitality and any other services industry.

The retail end of year can be brutal on those of us working extended hours.

Please be sure to thank those who give you service above and beyond the call of duty and bring the best to the job and to customer service. Too often we only hear about the bad customer service and not enough about all the great customer service that happens.

Thanks Marilyn, Sheila, Ruth and Brenda who recently acknowledged good services rendered!

I will be listening to a lot of the fun music from the likes of the Blues Brothers to get me through the next five weeks.


Mary Tamer said...

Lisa, have you been to the Iris Apfel exhibit at the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem? It is a must-see for those of us obsessed with style!

Randy Susan Meyers said...

I don't know how any shopper can be anything but thrilled to have your fashion-smart attention.

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