October 13, 2009

A different shade of grey

I never thought I would do it, but this fall I am mixing brown and gray.

I am finding that the deep browns such as chocolate, coffee, umber, unpolished amber, hazelnut & mahogany work well with both light grays and dark grays.

I love gray:
ash, granite, oyster, pearly shades of dove, slate and smoky silvery greys.

Mix these color combos by pairing say a brown pant, with grey cardigans and underpinnings for a fresh and modern look for fall. Or reverse.

I cannot take credit for this idea folks, it came from my employer. Eileen Fisher, Inc. creative types in our visual merchandising department started showing these two color combos together in a series of creative in store outfits on mannequins. Very cool.

The plus it all this goes with my hair color!

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