October 15, 2009


Every once in a while in life, one meets someone who challenges them and simultaneously changes them.

Perhaps, in the moment, you see the element of challenge but not till later do you see the element of change and how positively wonderful it is; and then you realize how it enhanced your life.

A person who crossed my path back in the summer of 1994, during a time of career transition and gave me this gift, is Sharon Drew Morgen.

Her latest life lessons and professional wisdom can be gleaned from -


Sharon's email address is

I promised her that I would promote her new book which launched this month, and I can only do so because I was trained in her selling method and actually became a better professional because of it. I still use her book from the 90s and pass it onto young upstarts whom I am mentoring. I look forward to delving further into this new one.
I pride myself on creating a business network of other like-minded people such as Sharon, and I challenge you to be a part of the change. Business in America as we know it is changing and I invite you into it.

Sharon Drew Morgen | 512 457 0246

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