April 10, 2009

Issac strays from Target to Liz Claiborne

Guess who stepped off the Target and onto the Liz Claiborne bus...

 Mr. Isaac Mizrahi that's who!

He has done a line for Target and now moved to a line for Liz Claiborne. 

I read in the New York Times- April 2nd in the Thursday style section that they were lined up at Macy's in New York at Herald Square. 

I hate to say it without touching the goods but the ads that I have seen, some in Oprah's magazine, make the line look very appealing. I have yet to have a chance to actually hit a Macy's store and see it but feeling compelled to write about all the buzz!

I did get a chance to do some shopping- which is so rare for me with my retail schedule- I attended the Design Hive by Fashion with Impact. I spent a good chunk of last Sunday there exploring. 

This is held in Cambridge on the first Sunday of each month. The school gym is the setting at 28 Sacremento Street. Right off Mass. Ave. heading toward Porter Sq from Harvard Sq

I was so jazzed to see green fashion and lots of re-fashion. Collections of recycled and re designed vintage pieces. This is so worth checking out when you can grab a free Sunday. Easier said than done I understand. I purchased a bunch of baby gifts that were long overdue and had a great time. 

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