April 11, 2009

Pre Easter Sunday

It is the Saturday before Easter and I am sitting here in the Natick Collection across from the Zara store eating an Auntie Anne's pretzel and shaking my head. 

First of all I feel as if I am in an altered state. Teenagers running around looking like well I do not think I can write that word.  Young (tweens) around 12 or 13 wearing all manner of make-up.  The mothers (when present) look like they are in competition with the daughters.  They are dressing like they are kids.  Is this how sad our culture has become. 

No one, including myself, is buying anything. Most people are walking around looking like zombies. I see lots of people, however, all the high-end stores are empty with the exception of many a bored and tired looking sales associate.  The 'other side' of the mall seems to be generating more business of some sorts. 

Crazy Business I tell you, this is so weird but what the heck do I know I never get out and do shopping myself any longer. 

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