December 15, 2008

The return of the Gloved hand

NOTE to Self:

Self, when writing a blog post, please only write about what you know intimately. Use the product well. If writing about a product you do not own be sure that you have seen it somewhere more than just once. 

This note to myself, my friends, leads me into a recommendation of good old fashioned gloves. I cannot believe how many stylists have used La Crasia gloves in fashion ads and fashion photos this fall/winter. I keep stumbling upon them. Now I must say that the web site does not do these items justice. They photographed beautifully in the professional fashion photos. I have also seen all sorts of gloves on models at all the various runway shows. 

My favorite are the leather opera gloves in a variety of colors retailing from $200.00-$300.00
This is on my wish list for certain, so... although I do not just yet own them, I want them bad! 

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