December 14, 2008

Ed Hardy


I took four days off from the dress shop to do my own Christmas shopping. I ended up on line for several things. Shopping on line is so unlike me. 

I bought myself a birthday gift at House of Marshalls. My tee fetish prevailed. I found a great short sleeve crew neck basic tee from Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier which had a great graphic motif - The Unicorn. I love unicorns being that I am a Capricorn. 

Typically all the 20 year olds are running around in Ed Hardy gear which is hugely expensive. This tee would normally run at a price point over $60.00, however, I scooped it for a mere $20.00. 

In our present state of the economy one must look for the best deals. 

Things of note which are not so inexpensive-

 Banana Republic is host to a great black pencil skirt that is quite festive as it is lined with a  blush satin. This retails at $110.00. Pairing this creatively with a top you already own might be the one purchase to make for the holiday season. 

A classic scent for the holiday is Fracas, tones of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, sandalwood and musk this scent has been around for years. I have a very stylish 69 year old friend who has worn this scent pretty much her entire adult life.  

Oh I am off to the frock shop at 8:30am tomorrow morning

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