November 16, 2008

Take your piggy toes out of the water...

Happy Sunday! 

Everyone is going crazy with all that is appearing to be happening in the economic climate as of late. I think we all need to take a deep breath and calm down. I am not advocating putting our heads in the sand but I think we all have to step away from the negative pool of thought. Do not even put your big toe into that water because once in it, the deep end is oh so deep. 

I think the best thing we can all do right now is be more mindful of how and when we spend, but by all means we still have to keep on living. We must all contribute to keeping business going by not moving into that place of fear. 

One of the most important purchases this season that is not one bit frivolous is a knit wear from any of the wonderful ready to wear lines in a cardigan shape. I love the thigh cardigan, as a long silhouette.  I have bought a new Eileen Fisher fair trade item from Peru made of organic cotton in a round tuck stitch knit. It is a hooded, long slim cardigan in a beautiful neutral color called ecru. 

I like my underpinning to be very light, long and lean somewhat close to the body and then do a great cardigan that goes over so many underpinnings and that play well with both pant or skirt options. I have been loving cardigans with hoods. They look a bit younger and hipper. 

I also have to say most of my favorite underpinnings have come from Target. I mentioned previously the Jonathan Saunders for Target tops I acquired for a mere 16.99 and 19.99 from the GO International series. Super affordable, super comfortable and super easy to wash and wear. I like to have a good many of these tops so that laundry is not a problem if it piles up a bit during a busy work week. 

Check out this great Eco-friendly bag to put those purchases in, it is a simple 
re-usable bag for shopping that has a cool graphic design and retails for under $8.00. Evriosax is the brand buy it online or at Just Next Door in Auburndale. 

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