November 2, 2008

Edina and Patsy need a make-over

I have nursed a head cold all day today, truly a boring way to spend a Sunday. Since I am in such a fog this posting may seem very "all over the place" without a real theme or purpose. So much for cold and flu medications. 

One thing I keep noticing in the fashion shots, on runways this fall and in magazines is gloves. Everything from leather gloves to opera gloves and fingerless gloves in between. The stylists are using Lacrasia based in NYC so browse their web site for interesting options. 

In the meantime I have to mention that I have been witness to some absolutely crazy fashions running about the Chestnut Hill mall. Too many women over 50 attempting to look 20 years old. Remember Edina and Patsy from the 1992 Absolutely Fabulous BBC comedy, well that is what I am talking about. Check out this look! Fashion NO NOs.

Some cool looks I have been researching this past week are Louise Amstrup, Elise Overland and BrochuWalker. 

Let me get my head out of this cold and I shall return with more in my next writing !!!!!!

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