November 4, 2008

Red White and Blue

I hope that everyone voted. I trust that you did. I myself am feeling very Blue esque today. But alas at 10:41pm we still need to wait and see the ultimate outcome of events. 

In the meantime when I am not blue I favor neutrals. I am so attempting to move away from black. That my friends is my ultimate comfort zone. I feel slim, I feel polished and I feel good when I wear black. The absolute no brain er. I am moving toward lighter, here are some really good options. Hip, cool, coverage, and the best of all they can be paired with black if and when they become lonely neutrals. 

I have been a bad blogger and not identifying the designers 
Louise Amstrup is the mini, Paul & Joe is the rocking outfit with boots, and last but not least our white pantsuit is by Elise Overland. 

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