October 29, 2008

No prunes please...

Hey gang how goes the battle? I am running around getting ready for work and of course thinking fashion, fashion, fashion. 
It appears to be a mere 34 degrees out doors this morning and I marvel at how can this be?
Alas, it leads me to ponder the question of how the weather changes effect our style and wardrobe. Here we are all moving to wools and heavier fibers and layers. Breaking out coats, gloves and scarf. We simply have more on our bodies. 
This weather and the addition of heavier more textured fabrics against our skins brings with it dry skin, chapped lips and the like. 
To keep your style up to tip top shape use great body and bath products. Keep hydration at the top of the list both with drinking lots of water and with good moisturizing products. 
I have an insane addiction to products. I also suffer from many allergies so I have to be very skilled in what I choose to purchase because once on my body if allergic that equals wasted money. 

Products that I am using and loving right now are from Lush. Visit them in Harvard Sq. or downtown on Newbury St or at the new Natick Collection. The brand is all natural product. You order by the pound for most of the soaps. They offer bath and body products that are very organic. I love the shampoo and conditioner and shea butter massage for body. 

Keep the elements at bay!

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