October 14, 2008

Resort 2009

Well readers all the talk is of resort-ready-to-wear for 2009. 

I have hardly pulled out the cashmere for this winter let alone think about pre-spring and resort. Is anyone going away any where this year as our 401k accounts dwindle down to almost nothing at all. But I digress...

I have found some fabulous non black resort wear!

Indulge me, as I know for some of you this stuff may seem a bit too avant-garde but like good wine and good art it is an acquired taste. 

First is Hartmann Nordenholz I love the geometric shapes in sheer fabric that make this tunic a work of art. www.hartmannnordenholz.com (see photo above) This was actually shown in the fall 2008 line. 

Second is Richard Nicoll www.richardnicholl.com these pieces are just so beautiful that they are breathtaking.  (top photos- in the pink!)

Well that's about it we can all fantasize a little bit!

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