October 16, 2008


It is Thursday already, my day off. I was in the midst of watching runway stuff on the Internet and pouring through fashion magazines and I just realized how damn lucky I am to have the luxury of time and the interest that many of you my readers do not posses. How easy for me to write about all these cool designers when so many of you are running around meshuggina crazy with family, kids and high pressure jobs. 

I also realize that many of us do not have the funds, functions or fannies to wear some of this stuff. However, I think that it is important for us to appreciate the art of it all, and the fantastic possibilities to enhance our wardrobe by the inspiration of such designs and of color. (Albeit I showcase a ton of black items) 

Besides which, if I could get this temptress body into any of these, I could not find shoes to go with the outfits. Teetering and tottering around in heels on Saturday taught me that valuable lesson.  This look might work with a pair of very cool boots. With tights and FLAT boots of course. 

But it is all in fun so check out this Trina Turk dress, so cute!

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