September 28, 2008

Organic Wool fibers and Fun from Rodarte

Rachel Weisz - “Vogue” October 2008 | Rachel Weisz : Just Jared

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Welcome back folks. Earlier this week I placed some information here on Rodarte. I love these designs and behold I pick up Vogue magazine to find it being worn by Rachel Weisz on the October cover photo. Beautiful. If only I looked like that!

Now back to our meager closets some of which do not house such high end frocks as Rodarte but never the less...

Put on your gas masks and prepare for the attack of last seasons moth ball odor. They seemed like a good idea back in April.  
It is around that time of year when we realize we have to convert our closets and indeed pull out our cashmeres and other wools. 
I want to educate my readers about soft wools such as merino, cashmere, mohair and any other organic products. All soft wool fibers pill. The soft nature of the fiber and general wear create small ball "ing". This is the normal state of the fiber.

The more organic the less pristine the fibers become with wear. THIS IS OK FOLKS. 

There is nothing better than buying and wearing all natural, undyed, untreated fiber. Despite the surface pilling you will enjoy these garments if you take good care of them. I typically only clean them by dry cleaner once or maybe twice during the season. 

You can easily go down to the Container Store or Linen and Things and purchase a small battery powered shaver to reduce the surface pill that is on the fiber. You may also want to stop in the cedar block isle and buy some new blocks to put between sweaters in your drawer. This will prevent moths and smell better than traditional moth balls. Lavender sachets work well also. I pull out all my wools and start wearing them, they only get cleaned if I spill,spot or stain. If not I place them on the outside porch after wearing them and spray them with a Lavender fabric spray. I wear them till the end of Spring dry clean them at put them away for the season. Storing judiciously against moths. 

I found myself this past weekend at a fundraiser held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston at 510 Atlantic Ave.
Quite a lovely venue should anyone be looking for a hotel for a weekend getaway or special event. The food was amazing as was the ball room. 

Two designs that have inspired me this week and are such cool looks are Vera Wang Lavender Label available at Tess and Carlos and Nieman Marcus Boston and VenaCava available at Barney's.

Happily I fantasize about owning these products. 

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