September 1, 2008

Labor Day Holiday September 1st 08

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day. I am in the mall at Chestnut Hill because today was not a holiday for me. Alas, at least I can use my email and such from my new lap top at the mall because they do have free WIFI. I still await Verizon fixing my new DSL line which still does not work. 

A new young designer to watch out for is Frank Tell see his new collections at Very cool stuff which I mentioned in a blog ago.  This guy is only 21 years old originally from Barcelona and is inspired by Louise Brooks. I love the flapper type dresses he designs. 

The other cool site to check out is Just some really neat jeans options. I know I know I never wear jeans so what the heck do I know about them. I just try to keep up on jeans since they are such a huge trend in fashion. I cannot help it if they do not feel good on my body. 

Well that is just a quick update on what is keeping me busy today. Since I am posting more frequently I can be short and sweet 

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Marcia said...

Hi Lisa!
What a CUUUUte ! baby you were,
qustion ?where's that black hair??
Marcia Ouellet

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