August 30, 2008

Global Warming - It is real !

Folks, I sure hate to be a complainer and sound ungrateful because I realize just how lucky I really am that I live in a first world country and do not have to go 20 miles on foot to a well to get my daily water supply...however... I remain in the mall at chestnut hill after work hours because I still have no DSL service at home. Thus I can only use the internet on my apple macbook at work presently URGH!

Onto a more positive space of sharing. I was driving into work this morning and by gosh by golly guess what I saw? Leaves they are a turning. I was actually rather astonished to find red leaves on a number of fairly good size trees. I guess I just have to face the facts, it is after all Labor Day weekend and August 30th. It was a reminder of global warming or the real potential of global warming. 

I think it best that we grab some time together and strategize about our fall wardrobe and moving into the "winter closet".  I also think it is time to start thinking about sustainable clothing options.

I also want to share a couple of green-sustainable clothing options with you. I watched the Leonardo DiCaprio DVD titled The 11th Hour. I recommend it very strongly. Most of you have viewed Al Gore's stuff but this is quite a piece, worth ordering it on line. 

One of the major players in this sustainable clothing game and one that was mentioned specifically in the DVD The 11th Hour is Stewart and Brown. I know I have written about them previously but they are pioneering green clothing. 

A few other players to watch are,,

Most of the sustainable clothing options are offered at ENVI on Newbury Street but some boutiques such as Nomad in Cambridge, Tess and Carlos in Newton and Neiman Marcus in Natick and Boston carry product as well. In fact in our mall CUSP just opened and I was pleased to see my very favorite Project Alabama offered there. I hope to report on some other players in this space as we move into the fall season more fully. 

Till tomorrow or whenever I get a clear working Internet line that I can use at home. 

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