September 8, 2008

Loomstate for Barney's

Has it been a week already since my last posting. Gosh...?

I so have to brag! I was roaming Filene's Basement in Framingham today and I came across a rack of Barney's stuff. What to my amazement did I find but a long organic wool chocolate brown sweater from Loomstate. The original retail price was $195.00 and I picked it up for $50.00 with a wine colored tank top from Loomstate in organic cotton for $19.00. What a cue. 
It pays to shop discount and rummage thru a couple 100 racks, although I hate doing it I scored big today. 

I have been spending all my time watching fall runway shows on my MacBook laptop. It is becoming a serious obsession. My favorite of all is Vanessa Bruno a Parisian. I love her fall line, check out the runway looks at Surprise! The best part of every outfit is the hats. 

I have also been pouring over design magazines to educate myself about the color trends and interior design 'fashion' of Fall 2008. I find it inspiring because I can see how colors work together on the big canvases such as bedrooms and living rooms. One of my favorite fabric designer finds is Mary Mulcahy of Arizona. Give her web site a view

I always like to use my on line research as a way to get inspired. Many of these things are simply unattainable on a budget such as I have, however, they give you some great ideas about how to use what you already own in a new and different way.  I am very intrigued by John Varvatos especially his designs for Converse. Crush Boutique at 131 Charles Street in Beacon Hill 02114 (617) 720-0010 has some of his stuff. A short walk from Copley Place to check out something new and fun. 

Another fun thing that I have been researching are companies in the fashion industry doing work to help our earth. I have loved the Timberland company ever since I saw the founder do a presentation in Boston a few years back. Do check out their latest work on behalf of Mother Earth.

Keeping up with my customer service items, I have been sending a number of my customers hand written notes.  When was the last time you got a hand written thank you note as a customer? I think finding a store that you love and finding your own sales associate that you can cultivate an ongoing relationship with will make your lives easier. 

I do call my customers for sales, I pick out things I know they would love to buy and I save them. I go above and beyond for my loyal clients. Try finding a good boutique and a good shop 'gal' or 'guy' to guide you. That does not mean that they are your slaves. Please do not force any of us working in retail to set our Point of Sale scanner laser to stun!

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