June 15, 2008

A Wellmannered Public

Save The Date for an Eileen Fisher, Inc. sale.
The end of season spring/summer sale for 2008 starts on Thursday, June 26th and runs through that entire weekend.

Chestnut Hill rumor - Kate Spade is coming into one of the newly vacated spaces in The Mall at Chestnut Hill.

Rant of the week!

I implore you all to please be aware of the manner of interaction that you have with the service industry. From the lad at Whole Foods bagging your organic food purchases to the medical assistant/receptionist at the primary care physician office, please remember that these people are all part of the service industry.

Those of us in customer service and sales understand that customer is Queen or King. The customer is always right. We strive to be totally customer focused and passionate about top notch customer service, however, as human beings we must demand reciprocity.

Without putting into this blog specific negative examples it will suffice to say that I have been the recipient of some very bad behavior from customers while in my role as a customer service specialist.

I just want to remind everyone that no matter how bad your day is going the Starbucks barista is not to blame, nor is the sales associate at your favorite clothing store.

My friend Miriam taught me a very valuable lesson recently. We were out shopping together and dining together in Burlignton and she not only asked our service person what their name was but she introduced herself and I then did the same. It opened up a totally mutual space in which we could then have a positive relationship within the transaction. It set up a certain intimacy on both sides of the service equation.

Let us all make a promise to consciously bring back civility in even what appears to be the most mundane transactions of living.

Tip of the week!
Minimizing our carbon footprint can be daunting work however with some great tools such as
Earth911 you can get the help you need to recycle everything and anything. Go to

Fashion Update:

Stewart & Brown Ventura CA
http://www.stewartbrown.com/ great young looks & totally organic!
Order from the website direct or
http://www.thegreenloop.com/ where you can buy many different green products by a variety of designers.

Style Update:

Late in the game today at about 11:45 I was barreling Westbound on the Mass. Pike to The Natick Collection to buy a Father’s Day gift. I have to say that although I despise the parking situation at this new addition to the mall I love the place itself.

Everything is at one’s fingertips for one stop shopping. I found a great deal on a casual graphic tee for my Dad at Martin&OSA which I could have easily spent time and shopped for myself. It was a store filled with great fabrics, great basics, and simply put great buys on sale for both men and women http://www.martinandosa.com/

Trivia – In my Roman Catholic tradition, Fathers are celebrated on
Saint Joseph's Day, commonly called Feast of Saint Joseph, March 19 - but I missed that day also!

Once in the mall I took a quick stroll down to the Levis store
I wanted to check out their green products such as the Levi’s ECO Patch Pocket and the
Levi’s ECO “539” both priced well at about 68.00. I did not have time to try them on but they stock some of the Levi’s ECO product for both men and women.

I also went back into Zara and once again I have to say I found very cute silk, linen, organic cotton tops and bottoms for very short money. Most pieces that I fell in love with were $39.00- $69.00. They have both women and men options.

How do you spot a New England couple on vacation? The women is wearing espadrilles and the man is wearing Sperry Top-Sider shoes


Please remember the 4099 US Service men and women who have died in the war on Iraq.
Most that are serving there now need our support, indifferent of our personal feelings about the war itself.
In our
United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

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