June 8, 2008

Old Fashioned Undergarments

Greetings to everyone, this week we missed an installment of my style blog as I had five days off of vacation time it was priceless.

I am writing this on Saturday night listening to my guy Brendan Hogan host of Blues on WGBH. Check out this radio show on 89.7 or
www.wgbh.org I have had this standing date with Brendan forever, about five years now. Our weekly date night consists of I being here at home, he in his Allston/Brighton studio. I am so ready to move on and actually go out on a real date on Saturday nights. I am open to all fix-ups and blind date suggestions from readers.

Onto style, fashion and compassion:

Nieman Marcus on line & in stores designer sale is going on as I write. The sale is 35% off Eileen Fisher, Inc. products. Everyone knows my famous motto Buy The Brand Buy It Everywhere Buy It Often.

On Thursday June 5th at the Copley Place Eileen Fisher location we hosted a book signing event with Alice Domar, Ph. D. author of the book -
Be Happy Without Being Perfect: How to Break Free From the Perfection Deception

This was a very inspiring discussion and leads me into my rant on style this week:

We all are trying too hard to look perfect. Several of my clients have been nervous about going with out some sort of Spanx product under their summer clothing. These things are called by every name in the book: shapewear, body shapers, slimming apparel or what I like to call a contraption. Why not just bring back the corset worn back in 1878. Or we could just opt for the girdles such as those that were worn from about 1910 to the late 1960s.

I am just not up for being crammed into and constricted by an undergarment. I firmly believe that if you select the right size in the appropriate clothing for your shape you should never have to force your poor tired body into one of these things. I do not have the perfect body but I simply refuse to wear such a thing. I am very careful about the shapes, fabrics, styles and fits of the clothing I choose to wear everyday. Read the book by Alice Domar and throw away those shapers.

This rant by no means suggests that I have super confidence about my own body. I am struggling with my own insecurities and body issues these days. I recently ran into a women who challenged all my insecurities about my look, style, and figure. Alice Domar has some good words of wisdom to share with us all about the notion of perfection which we can certainly learn from.

Fashion flash. I have done some recent shopping in both the Filene’s Basement stores located in Newton and in Framingham. I think with a little bit of patience and a couple of visits you can really get lucky there and pick up some well priced designer gems.

We in Chestnut Hill at the EF store want to do another Recycle Your Old Clothing drive for a community non profit. More details to follow on this event as plans unfold. We had a holiday 2007 drive to donate leftover Eileen Fisher, Inc. clothes to The Clothes Exchange in VT who then held a tag sale in Burlington VT just this past May and all $2,000.00 of the proceeds in sales will be turned over to Thrive. Thrive is one of our local charity partners check them out
www.thrivetogether.org Reuse takes on a whole new meaning when we can help create a donation while having someone else enjoy some gently worn EF clothing.

Eileen Fisher herself wants all our customers to be completely satisfied with every purchase. If an item does not completely delight the customer, it can be brought back to any store for an Eileen Fisher store credit. We do not want to encourage everyone cleaning out their closet and randomly bringing back items but we do have a policy for any and all customer service issues. If you clean out your closet and can put aside items for our next clothing recycling event that would be a wonderful community service effort.

Visit Folklorica in Newton Centre for fun gifts. I recently found a lovely beaded necklace for my Mom’s birthday that looked far more expensive and gorgeous than the price tag. I picked up a cool bangle for myself for a mere $14.00. You won’t find Van Cleef & Arpels or super high-end product there. You will find fun pieces that can really pick up an outfit that may be boring you because you have worn it all last season. Add some spice with some great finds locally.

So many parties this time of year do check out Second Harvest to find out how to coordinate with a local shelter and nursing home to donate leftovers to the hungry and flowers to the elderly. The Greater Boston Food Bank is the local affiliate organization in MA.

Yves Saint Laurent’s passing recently leaves the fashion world less bright.

I had the good fortune of checking out the Boston Pops Orchestra with Keith Lockhardt Conductor performing Edgefest with Natalie Merchant. This program is well worth checking out blending the best of symphony orchestra and contemporary music. Support the Pops.

Disclaimer- The comments and opinions I am expressing in this writing do not represent the views of the companies or product vendors listed and does not represent an endorsement of my work by any vendor, organization or person.

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