June 22, 2008

End of Season Sale 6/26/2008

I get so delighted when I see us (Eileen Fisher, Inc.) in the press. Hopefully I am not sounding too shallow. Having been a press whore once or twice in my past life I know how hard it is to get a placement in the industry rags.

Open up this month’s copy of The Oprah magazine to page 184 and view a great photo
taken by Roger Neve of our product being worn in South Africa. This is a wonderful example of mixing designers, high-end Vera Wang and mid-range Eileen Fisher.

The Oprah Magazine July 2008
Page 184
Cotton and Linen Hoodie $109.00
Linen and Silk mesh Tank $158.00
Mixed with a Vera Wang satin organza skirt
All pieces are in earth tones.

Do not forget to make a trip to our EF stores this week beginning Thursday for our end of season spring/summer sales. We have many EF Tunics going on sale that are great to pair with a simple legging for an easy look this season.

Just remember when shopping go organic, look for any opportunity to purchase garments of renewable materials such as those produced with corn, plant cellulose, silky soy, bamboo, undyed alpaca wool, or re purposed vintage fabrics.

Please allow me to direct you to a few brands that will provide you an opportunity to shop organic:

http://www.slingandstones.com/ for Men’s and Women’s denim.

http://www.projectalabama.com/ for great T shirts

adidas Originals presents for Spring 08 adidas Grün, a collection that aims to better the environment by efficiently utilizing the natural resources of this world. With three guiding elements of “Made From”, “Recycled” and “Reground”, adidas Grün offers a range of products, including classic silhouettes like the Forum basketball sneaker and the ZX 500 runner, all made from recycled and natural materials. Also, track jackets in recycled polyester. http://www.adidas.com/

http://www.swornvirgins.com/ all women’s products produced from bamboo!

In addition to viewing the web sites some shopping sites to find these great products are as follows:
Neiman Marcus
Saks Fifth Avenue
Henri Bendel NYC
Barneys New York

Nothing is more fashionable than good health. Try to eat organic foods this summer. That is my main goa-l to become a Locavore (someone who prefers eating locally produced food) by the time Fall rolls around.

Cooperative farm, farm stands, and the many farmers markets are the way to go this summer. Find and eat local, such as in-season fruit at the farmers market. Support local farmers by buying locally grown food. You can find a Local co-op by using the link below. www.LocalHarvest.org & try massfarmersmarkets.org

No matter where you go or what you do this summer think about carbon offsets- check out http://www.drivinggreen.com%20t/to find out how you can purchase them on behalf of your many summer traveling and other experiences.

And one last reminder please do not forget your sun block.

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