June 30, 2008

Stars and Stripes Happy July 4th 2008

Holiday Trivia:

The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag
with ayellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the snake is the legend "DONT TREAD ON ME." The flag was designed by and is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. Considered one of the first flags of the United States, the flag was later replaced by the current Stars and Stripes (or Old Glory) flag. Since the Revolution, the flag has seen times of reintroduction as a symbol of American patriotism.

Happy July 4th holiday everyone!

I was off from work today, celebrating my July 4, 2008 holiday as I have to work on Friday, the actual holiday. I took a drive out West on Rt. 2 to Concord, MA. What a great day for a drive. My destination was Verrill Farm on Wheeler Road in Concord. I really have to admit sitting under their huge tent on a picnic bench alone looking out onto the actual farm I almost started to cry.

I spend 40 meshugenah hours per week inside the concrete mall. On my days off I am running around doing errands and life. I realized today just how disconnected I have been from nature and from the outdoors. It was quite a wake up call.

I mentioned in the last blog addition that we should all find Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) through sites such as www.Localharvest.org. Having visited Verrill Farm today I feel ever more strongly about buying locally grown foods.

I purchased lettuce from the farm that must have been picked this morning it still smelled like our earth. When I got home I washed each and every leave and took dirt off them all. It was great.

Style update for the week –

I was given a BORA watch as a gift this spring that I love. It has become my prized possessions this spring/summer. It is after all only a knockoff , the real things are available at
http://toywatchusa.com/ TOYWATCH was brought to the USA in the summer of 2006 and are still going strong as a style trend.

What do style and sports have in common? fashion as in fashionable garments for athletic wear. I am hardly one to be described as athletic so most of these brands I seldom shop but I have researched them and they offer fashionable ways to dress for athletics with some great organic fiber options.

Sports lines include:

Fashion for fall is spilling out of New York, Milan & Paris. Over the next few weeks I will update you on this kicking and screaming as I really want to enjoy summer. Fashion comes so early, nothing being shown is wear-now but we all need to plan ahead.

I recently checked out a South End modern day Brooks Brothers for women called by the designers’ name Sara Campbell
http://www.saracampbell.com/ visit the store at 44 Plympton Street in Boston’s South End. Some very cute pieces that remind me of the 1950s country club styles.

Discovery Communications’ new channel Planet Green is becoming available to those with cable. I think there are going to be many interesting segments and shows on green topics. We can all learn more about environmental sustainable practices by tuning into this new resource.

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