April 6, 2008

Spring Mix and Match

Spring is en route. It is almost time for planting gardens, get inspired this year by giving your garden a certain je ne sais quoi with a mix of pink ranunculus, stripped roses, fringed tulips, and peony which will make great bouquets for mother’s day gifts also!

April 22nd, 2008 will mark the arrival of new product in store at Eileen Fisher, Inc. This shipment for May will continue to reflect the season’s neutral base palette of color in Natural, Ecru/Oyster and Clove. The fun pop colors are yellow-Zinnia,

orange/red-Red Poppy
purple-Hibiscus and
The fabrics continue toward organic fibers. Mix and match fibers such as Organic Linen, Organic Cotton, and Organic Easy Jersey. This is yet another great opportunity to shop for the spring summer season.

Kohl’s Simply Vera
Once again Vera Wang delivers as in my new spring belted coat in 100% flat cotton.
What a great update to the trench coat with a car coat length in a light yellow green almost the same color as that of the famous granny smith apple. What a fresh swath of color against all black or all white. The very best news is that it was on sale at 50% off, costing a mere $64.00. Proving once again style can come in an affordable range of prices.

The one struggle I am having with going “GREEN” is dry cleaning. I have some work uniform pieces from Eileen Fisher, Inc. that have to look pristine when I am wearing them on the sales floor. Due to the circumstance that I am wearing these garments as a key selling tool I do tend to have silks and other delicate fabrics dry cleaned. I use a great local resource and although they are not environmentally savvy they do a fabulous job on all kinds of challenging stains and fabrics.
Alpha Cleaners
969 Washington Street
Newtonville MA
(617) 969-3040

I am excited to report that I am going to learn how to knit. Not only do I have a wonderful voice over coach in Wren Ross but she is a knit designer as well. I am going to incorporate into my spiritual practice a knitting project to produce “The Seeds of Intention Scarf” designed by Wren. This piece is a beautifully designed wide knit scarf, the weave is a big tactile stitch and can be created by using #17 needles and big wool yarn by Rowan in my all time favorite color ‘hot white’. Each stitch gives you an opportunity to meditate on creating an intention for your life. I cannot wait to start this project I have my yarn on order in Needham at Black Sheep Knitting.

We received a great package of goodies this week from Greyston Bakery sent from our senior managers congratulating our store on the terrific charity event for Spring. Chestnut Hill was one of the top three stores in revenue generation for charity. Greyston is an organization with a social mission and an inspirational story. Check out the brownies available from Greyston Bakery. These were such pure decadence that I could only consume a half brownie at a sitting, and everyone knows how much I adore brownies, and how many I can eat!
104 Alexander Street
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 375-1510

Save the date:

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 I will be speaking in the Chestnut Hill store for the International Center for Spirit at Work
This will be the local chapter monthly meeting and I will be speaking on the topic of the Eileen Fisher, Inc. social consciousness program. This event was rescheduled from October 2007. Please RSVP if you plan on attending, as this is an invitation only event.

Restaurant of the Week- Matt and I seem to eat out Thursday lunches at Sweet Basil all too often. They are located at 942 Great Plain Ave. Needham
Great Italian food for either lunch or dinner.

Movie of the week- Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day
Every Woman Will Have Her Day

Interesting Reading- The Science of Mind (A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life) by Ernest Holmes.
Science of Mind Magazine (A Guide for Spiritual Living)

“My word comes back to me laden with the fruits of its own speech. My word is the Law unto my Life, and the Law unto everything that I speak.” –Ernest Holmes Meditations for Self Help

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