April 29, 2008

Play in this life with Pixie Dust

Eileen Fisher, Inc. update for this week:

Check out our beautiful Vanity Fair (May 2008) advertising (two page spread). Also, read about amazing women, specifically Eileen Fisher in More May 2008 www.more.com

Visit the website at www.spiritatwork.org learn more about the ICSW- International Center for Spirit at Work. Save the date for our local chapter meeting & shopping night at Eileen Fisher, Inc. in Chestnut Hill on the eve of May 22nd.

What I am wearing this week to my client’s art gallery exhibition is from our May 2008 collection. A crinkle, stretch silk charmeuse fabric. This shape is a scoop neck, seamed, knee length dress. This dress retails for $268.00. I choose to wear it in pebble which is a beautiful light neutral for summer. I feel very romantic and ethereal in this piece. There is a certain civility of dressing that we seem to lack in our modern culture that this piece cultivates.

I am reminded of piece of art we viewed this weekend at the Art in Bloom event at the MFA. Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s Woman and Flowers 1868. This oil painting depicts a woman wearing a very beautiful dress and enjoying the smell of fresh flowers.


Gallery NAGA 67 Newbury Street Boston MA - Cheryl Warrick artist

Since Eileen Fisher, Inc. began our bedding collection I have been on the look out for organic bedding and other home goods.

http://www.ploverorganic.com/ Check out this organic cotton bedding

www.looolotextiles.com Check out Joanna Notkin’s designs. Johanna won our 2007 women’s business grant award. These certified organic textiles make beautiful pillows and other treatments for the home. I love the product, the design, the sustainability and Joanna is a wonderful human being.

In my travels through all the various fashion ‘rags’ I am finding more and more brands that bring me back to my youth and the 1980s, which are making a come back… interesting …
Polo Ralph Lauren
Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers (updated)
always and forever Chanel

Some of my favorite things for the week:

St. Ives bath and body products & facial treatments
Odwalla natural fruit juices
MAC VIVA GLAM (support goes to MAC AIDS Fund)
Singer/Songwriter Paula Cole
Issac Mizrahi for Target

Speaking of Target, the Rogan Gregory (for GO International) designer series debuts May 18th. This may be the first time in my life that I will be there with my nose pressed against the doors of Target when it opens. This will be an opportunity to buy into this designer at rock bottom prices.

What I will be wearing in my next life-
Betsey Johnson
http://www.betseyjohnson.com/ a big skirt with a James Perse tank www.jamesperse.com

NOTE- Pixie dust, also known as "fairy dust", is the trail of sparkling material that often follows
mythical creatures such as pixies and fairies in general when they are visually represented. Sometimes, this trail is interpreted as being a tangible substance, often imbued with magic powers.

Words of wisdom from another women’s business grant recipient Alline of Milkweed Mercantile. I heard her talk about pixie dust, the people who gather and spread the pixie dust into other people’s life. A clever play on the virtuous Pay it Forward mentality.


In memorial
Joseph Schraffa (Grandpe) May 4, 1073

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