March 3, 2008

The Game of Life and How to Play It

Hello World!

This is a big press month for Eileen Fisher, Inc. as we start our spring advertising. We also have been featured a number of times recently with our cool products. A few publications to find us in are:

Boston Globe 1/24/08- Textured cashmere throw
Oprah February 2008 page 76 our petite collection is featured & page 160 Lisa Kogan gives some EF props!
Yoga Journal March 2008- Page 34 earth friendly bath sheets & bed sheets
Oprah March 2008 Page 120 our organic fiber, hemp sweater & page 275 our totally recycled fabric Anorak (page 119 Anna Cohen grant winner 2006)

Speaking of the grants… the 2008 Business Grant application will go live on at the end of this week. If you know any women owned business who you think might fit with our philosophy direct them to the application on our web site. Grants are awarded each year to five firms at 10K each.

Hot classic items for this spring are the sheath dress, the anorak, and all things green. You have read the buzz on my Blogger site: sustainable, reclaimed, recycled, renewable, organic and fair trade. We are embracing all these things at Eileen Fisher, Inc. I am so proud to be working there in the midst of this eco- friendly revolution.

Other hot like minded designers who have earth conscious clothing collections are of course Anna Cohen from Portland Oregon and my all time favorite who Oprah included in her March magazine Rogan Gregory. I have mentioned him a few times in the past. He is behind Rogan, Loomstate and Edun.

Edun Apparel Ltd., 30-32 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Edun available for purchase at (Edun co founded by U2’s Bono and wife Ali Hewson) Of course I have an obsession with all things BONO.
You can source Rogan Gregory at Barneys or source his designs at and in May at Target! I expect everyone to go check out his green line at Target this spring.

Rodarte Fall 2008 was on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily Feb 6th- I was gasping at this runway shot. It was a beautiful wool open weave dress. Unbelievable, I will be wearing it in my next life.

Service Provider of the Week- Everyone is raving about my hair style, how it is growing out and styled curly with out dye/color. My new salon is the James Joseph Salon 30 Newbury Street Boston MA 02116 and my gal compliments of a Diane Rogers referral is Michelle Lee (617) 266-7222. As of this time she is taking on new clients.

Restaurant of the Week- Stella Restaurant 1525 Washington Street South End Boston
(617) 247-7747

Nora Chau took me there this past Thursday evening. The Bolognese over hand cut pasta was so authentic that I almost started to cry as I had memories of Grandma Piselli’s cooking.

Book of the Week: The Game of Life (and how to play it) by Florence Scovel Shinn
Devorss Publications Copyright 1925
This is the original, real deal, the 1925 version Rhonda Byrne of ‘The Secret’ fame.

Biggest risk of the week: I started voice over lessons. I am getting coaching on voice over. I will be learning how to do voice over during the next six weeks. Who knows folks this blog may be pod cast yet.

Favorite quote of the week- An ex colleague from EF and I are discussing bra fitting and sizing based on my experience at Intimacy and she says, "... you have the perfect hour glass shape, a pin up girls body...", to which I respond Yes, I may have a pin up gals body,but I have the mentality of a nun, so it is gone to waste.

I am keeping it short and sweet this week, but tune in next week for all things denim and jeans that are in vogue, jean fashion brought to you in conjunction with my guy pal Andrew Morris.

Last by not least a fond farewell to OZ and Randy, the journey to be continued...Godspeed.

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