February 24, 2008

Investment Pieces / Brassieres

Copley Place in Boston has a new store arrival called Intimacy. All the men who receive my blog either stop reading till next week or scroll down past this piece on intimate apparel. Females you are in for a treat and a real solution to all concerns and questions regarding undergarments.

The Intimacy store has been getting a ton of press both locally and nationally; featured in the February 2008 Boston Magazine and this month on the Oprah show. I loved the experience, as did my friend Susan, (albeit we have sizing and shape challenges). We felt totally transformed. On the other hand my colleagues both Nora and Rita were not wowed by the sales help they encountered or their purchases.

Truth be told, I spent more on one bra than I ever have in my 43 years, but believe me it was worth it. I finally have something that works well because it fits (as it is in a correct size) and that looks gorgeous with color and lace. Proper foundation is key in making your clothing fit properly and look well shaped. I politely passed on matching panties for $96.00 per pair and refused her best efforts to bring me matching thongs.

I worked with a fit stylist from cow farm country North Carolina. A lovely, young, women named Blair Creech. Call to make an appointment with her for a bra fitting. They have brands and sizes that I have never seen or heard of before in the large department store settings. The phone number is 857-277-7887

Recycle, Reclaim and Repurpose is the motto this spring. We have to make an effort to forge ahead with changes in our personal behaviors so that together we can make a difference. As we begin to emerge from winter and start cleaning up our homes, garages, cars, closets and sheds let us remember to recycle as much as possible. Think about new purchasing of reclaimed and repurposed products. Check out
www.nativeenergy.com for inspiration about reducing the carbon footprint.

Barter systems are a great way to exchange services. Less paperwork, billing, and systems generation are all but a few of the benefits of bartering. This is a great way for us all to start building like minded communities as well. I for one am willing and able to barter my non Eileen Fisher, personal shopping services.

We are all aware of tithing 10% of our gross. In metaphysical terms this means giving and in doing so one receives abundance. Part of tithing is how we give of ourselves and our energies. Giving one’s services away to charity or a less fortunate friend is a priceless act. Think about ways to use your services to enhance someone’s life that may be underserved or underprivileged. A great resource for spiritual reading on abundance mentality and creating a life of service and self expression is
www.soundstrue.com many powerful teachers have shared their knowledge in print and on CD.

Manicure/Pedicure nail color of the week- Chanel #18 Vamp colour

Personal product of the week-
www.Burtsbees.com Lip Balm
Beeswax lip balm (for three dollars) it works like magic.

Fun stuff that I will be wearing in my next life- John Varvatos for Converse

Mutual funds to check out (Yes, I know the market is behaving badly!) PAX WorldFunds

Color combo suggestion of the week- start thinking about how to mix lime/turquoise pieces together with white as your base neutral to create some fun spring combinations.

Reminder about my work schedule, if you plan on making an appointment to see me at the Mall at Chestnut Hill I am off on Sundays and Thursdays. I work the late shift every Tuesday. That generally is the best time to arrange for personal shopping service at the store. Contact me at (617) 964-5200 to arrange a time to meet.

I remind everyone that the ideas and opinions expressed in this weekly update are my own. I have no public relations affiliation with any of the companies, services or products discussed here other than those of my employer Eileen Fisher, Inc.

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