January 20, 2008

Life Simplified- Neat and Pretty

Let’s tell the truth, the real brains and brawn behind Life Simplified is Sheila C.Connor. Sheila is not only one of the best friends anyone could be blessed to have in life but she is a stellar mother of four. I am happy to call her my friend of twenty plus years and a business partner.

In her ‘spare time’ Sheila is the quintessential “Girl Friday” and "Virtual Assistant”. Sheila provides an array of services to her business clients from bookkeeping to corporate travel arrangements and everything in between.

Having been a home wizard for many years she works equally well with business folk and stay at home folk to expertly transform offices and homes, attics to basements and anything else thrown her way.

Let Life Simplified create a space that is organized, efficient and makes sense for you. Make an appointment with Sheila for a visit to your office or home to access your needs. She will work with you to help decide what to keep and what needs to go away. Make the most efficient use of the space you have; organize it in a way that makes sense for you and that you will be able to maintain. Sheila will help you create a less hectic atmosphere in your office or in your home, so that you can truly enjoy them and be productive.

In addition to office/home organization she can offer you - “Girl Friday” and “Virtual Assistance” services as mentioned above. Below is a list of expert services provided by Life Simplified:

Screening incoming calls/ Checking emails/ Document preparation/ Event planning/ Scheduling appointments, reservations and meetings/ Travel arrangements/ Running errands/ Internet Research/ Desktop Publishing/ Database Construction and Maintenance/ Bookkeeping/ Spreadsheets and Charts/ Power Point Presentations.

Sheila has extensive experience with software programs: Microsoft – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. QuickBooks, Quicken, Adobe Photoshop.

Long Term or short term projects Life Simplified can handle it all - with tact, diplomacy, confidentiality and excellent judgment. It will behoove you to contact her for an assessment appointment. She is at the ready with assistance in streamlining and simplifying your space and your life. As I said she is both the brains and the brawn behind Life Simplified, I am a mere mouthpiece! No project is too small or too large for Sheila.

Onto my fashion summary for the week:

As many of you are aware I am a true minimalist aesthete. I love the art deco 1920s-1930s eras. I sometimes believe that I was born in the wrong time period. One of my favorite finds this week has been fashion designer Frank Tell
http://www.frank-tell.com who is offering terrific party dresses in the style of the 1920s. I would love to see a revival in our popular culture of an elegance in dressing.

My grandmother’s antique ring has been reworked and returned to me from Eva at Shakeh Designs. If you are looking for custom and handmade jewelry and to achieve some sort of recombining or repurposing of what you already own, as I did, she is worth contacting. I love the work she did for me. Not only is she a talented designer of jewelry but she is the most wonderful person. Contact her at
eva@shakehdesigns.com or (617) 306-0105.

When I am not romping around town in the style of the roaring 20s clutching a copy of The Great Gatsby novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald I would wear anything by Norma Kamali
www.normakamalicollection.com or Norma Kamali for Everlast at www.nordstrom.com. I know just what you are all thinking- that she is so 1960s, but retro is good only if it was good the first time round and Norma Kamali was good that first time around.

Another favorite of mine for daywear, underwear and tees is Petit Bataeu

www.petit-bateau.com Shop in store at 171 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02116 (617) 425-0042

My footwear accoutrements are defined by my work
www.dansko.com Dansko shoes are my preferred work uniform, I know they are not sexy. I am on my feet for eight hours a day five days a week, I need comfort. If you work in the medical field, retail, childcare or the restaurant business I think everyone should own a pair. Any back pain will go away if you wear these shoes.

For some fun I found that Loeffler Randau made a beautiful pair of ballet flats called ‘Rosette’ for Target stores, available for a mere $30.00 on line at www.target.com

Lastly, I still adore a good pair of Converse for bumming around on my days off. You can go online if you feel creative and design your own shoes. www.converse.com

Free tips of the week:

www.charitynavigator.org a great resource to use before you become involved with a charity. This site is a tool that helps you understand where your money is actually going. One charity worth looking into is www.firstbook.org so check them out on charity navigator.

A green education tool I was researching this week is
www.nativeenergy.com I would love to know what people think about this site.

Catering- Tables of Content Catering is the very best in Boston. If you are doing any corporate event or a private party at your home you need Linda DeFranco. Before you move ahead with any one else contact this catering business at
lindad@tablesofcontent.com or at (617) 363-0404. You will have a wonderful experience. I put my friend Bonnie onto them and her organization was more than delighted.

"Our aspirations are our possibilities." Robert Browning

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