January 27, 2008

Organic Fabric for Spring

Correction from last week. I made a spelling error when referring to www.target.com for great ballet flats the designer is Loeffler Randall for Target – sorry about that.

Purchasing sustainable goods, especially eco fabrics should be top on all our priority list and is a way that everyone can claim some personal responsibility regarding our consumption. I have had a huge amount of feedback from my EF customers against natural fabrics specifically natural cashmere and organic cotton. People feel that they are too hard to care for because both the fabric has slight pill. Frankly, these are two of my favorite fabrics being offered at Eileen Fisher, Inc. right now. Not only are these fabrics good for the earth but they feel so good against the skin.

Let me help with two simple care instructions, first for the 2007 delivery of natural cashmere- (100% natural) for EF stores. For cleaning this product one can source an environmental friendly dry cleaner at
www.greenearthcleaning.com. I dry clean this product very infrequently, if you have a porch then you can hang your sweater overnight after spraying it with a light mist of lavender linen spray. You can wear these garments many times without needing to clean them.

For the natural pills that form on the yarn you can use a sweater stone from www.containerstore.com or use a boar bristle brush to lift them from the surface of the yarn. Linens and Things sells small battery powered sweater shavers which are easy to use. This will help minimize pills and you will enjoy the softness of this fabric for many seasons to come. This helpful hint works on any and all types of cashmere that you may already own.

The second care instruction is for the organic cotton fabric that EF is offering which was introduced in 2004 during the organic cotton campaign. EF has improved this fabric each year since the inception of the product. At present you can find organic cotton knit, organic cotton fine jersey, organic sueded cotton, organic easy jersey and organic cotton tops. Shop Eileen Fisher retails store or on line at

This fabric is something I am so proud of, and the web site has specific information about our commitment to organic cotton. This fabric like the natural cashmere also has a slight surface pill that develops over time and wear. Washing in cold water with a mild soap and hanging dry vs using the dryer solves the problem. The same sweater stone can be used to remove any minor pills that do form over time.

Onto finding undergarments in organic cotton as this can be a daunting task I advise using Nordstrom look for the Holistia brand. Other resources for organic fiber undergarments, sport apparel and basics:


This eco-friendly company uses green materials and gives back to great charities

Under the Canopy

Resort shipments are quickly fading into spring fashion arrivals. My favorite theme for spring 2008 is certainly a classic one. This is the khaki/safari look. I am hooked on neutral color such as khaki, soft white, tan, and bone. The new khakis for this spring are shaped very innovatively; an old trend gets a face lift. It certainly is a new view of safari styles and base neutrals. My favorite look is a navy linen wide leg trouser pant, with a v neck long sleeve organic cotton white t shirt topped off with a khaki or safari style jacket paired with a great long lightweight scarf in a strong color combo such as gold and brown. Perfect!

Please make an appointment with me to shop Eileen Fisher at the Chestnut Hill store, we can put some organic cotton and linen outfits together for you for spring. Shop for the classics in both the Boston and Cambridge areas at the following stores:

Anne Fontaine
White shirt purveyor- 318 Boylston Street Boston 617-423-0366 (The Heritage on the Garden)

Clothware 52 Brattle Street Cambridge 617-661-6441

Rugby 342 Newbury Street
www.rugby.com 617-247-2801

Go out to a bookstore and get inspired for spring by purchasing some fashion magazines and browse the couture houses offering. Most of what you view will seem too avant-garde, however, get some insight into what you gravitate toward and how you can gain some ideas for fresh new items to integrate into your own style. This exercise will help you to understand how you can upgrade your fashion style for the new season based on what you like in the high end fashion world. You can and will find ways to inexpensively replicate the look. Some of my designer favorites to get inspiration from are as follows:

Hussain Chalayan
Burberry Prorsum
Jil Sander
Comme des Garcons

Other things that I found personally inspiring and addicting this past week-

Kane’s Donuts 120 Lincoln Ave. Saugus- please be warned that there is nothing organic about this pleasure.

http://www.cardsfromafrica.com greeting card charity.

Music- Cat Power- Jukebox- just released and Chan Marshall’s vocals are striking.

Movie- U2 3D view it at one of the three local IMAX theatres.

Disclaimer- All opinions expressed on products and services in this blog are my own unique perspective on style, fashion, and compassion. My employment with Eileen Fisher, Inc. being an exception, I have no professional relationship with any of my favorite products or services.

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