January 17, 2008

Lisa visits the Big Apple

Greetings, I hope you missed reading the weekly blog as much as I missed pulling it together this past Sunday. Here is the short and sweet update till Sunday, January 20th.

I was very lucky this past weekend to be invited to participate in an Eileen Fisher, Inc. event in New York. As a member of the Social Consciousness committee and Business Grant committee I was able to contribute my time and talents on a volunteer basis this past year.

To celebrate with our business grant winners I left on Sunday and was able to join up with other colleagues from Washington DC and NYC. The event was a luncheon and reception to honor the 2007 Eileen Fisher Women’s Business Grant Recipients. We spent Monday in Irvington NY meeting at our offices and having lunch with Eileen at Eileen’s house. Monday evening was our public reception in our store in Soho. We ended on Tuesday with an informal sharing meeting in NYC at our creative center.

It was an inspiring two days. Our grant recipients taught me much about life, love, entrepreneurship, following your instinct and following one’s passion while being a socially responsible budding business. I was honored to have been part of the committee that reviewed applications and spent about five months meeting to select these five women owned organizations out of hundreds of applicants. The winners are worth checking out:


I am so grateful to Jessamyn Waldman, Joanne Notkin, Alline Anderson, Holly O’Connor and Stephanie Bernstein for letting me bask in their ‘light’ these past few days. I was happy also to see on of our 2006 grant recipients, Maria Valente, of Chocolations
www.chocolations.com and catch up on her year after.

Sidebar- In the spirit of calling out corporations run by men who lead larger firms that also reflect the essence of social consciousness I thought I would mention two of my favorites. All CEOs are not created equal, these men I have great admiration for after being introduced to them within the social consciousness movement over the last ten years. I highly recommend these products not just because of the people who run the company but also because the products themselves rock.

Timberland Jeffrey Swartz President CEO

Seventh Generation, Jeffrey Hollender

A few hot items to get into the mood of Valentine’s Day planning:

Maria’s chocolates mentioned above which can be easily ordered from her website make a wonderful gift for February 14th.

Great gift ideas are worth some researching, try Only Hearts NYC
www.onlyhearts.com this fashion site offers lots of luxury inner wear items such as fashionable lingerie that is very day wearable.

www.lush.com we all remember the old fashioned dusting powders our mothers used with those big fluffy powder puffs. Buy one of these from Lush stores or on line. I got 'Candy Fluff' for myself and it totally transforms anyone into a girly girl.

West Elm also has gifts for your sweetheart
www.westelm.com such as luxurious towels made of bamboo and cotton.

Looking forward to fashion items to wear on the big date on Valentine's Day try something organic:

Del Forte jeans made from highly renewable textiles such as bamboo and hemp available at
www.delforte.com or Tess and Carlos 1241 Center Street Newton Center, MA and check out
Anna Cohen
www.annacohen.com another of our 2006 grant recipients, her offering of high fashion are made from sustainable fibers.

I will be back with more style information this weekend. Till then, be well and be blessed.

NOTE- I acutally rode the NYC subway for the first time ever.

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