January 4, 2016

I tried to be hip, modern, with-it, young minded and I was once again disappointed.

I signed up for one of the many women on line stylist services. Mainly as an experiment to find out why no one seems to be buying clothing in store any longer but going to the Internet to shop.

So the site was wonderful, easy, clean, bright and everything looked so cute. I selected my favorites. I filled out the body shape questions. I awaited the arrival of my first box!

It arrived on Saturday amidst a number of bills and I felt immediately guilty. What a waste of $50.00 I thought.

I opened the box in a way that a child opens that first gift on Christmas morning. Out came five items. Two were cheap costume jewelry and I mean cheap. Pretty little colored baubles that I would never be caught dead wearing as they scream I was made in CHINA.
The top and two jackets were cute enough in concept but the materials were very poor. A blend of poly and elastine and also made on the cheap.
Two looked OK.
The cost to keep them, not outrageous but not the feeling of garment I want against my skin.
In the end I have to send them back. The plastic pre posted bag won't hold the entire box, so I have to fiddle with a new shipping label and getting the box re packaged and going to the Post Office...
I think why would I not just take a shopping trip to my favorite store and just try things on and buy them and keep them. Ongoing saga... I had to repackage the box and take it to the post office- postage paid thank goodness, however am email is not adequate to stop your account. That required a phone call to the West Coast - could not reach a customer care person- left a message- had to fill out a survey- got an email saying I was cancelled- got a second call saying they were trying to cancel me but could not. WOW that was some experiment a whole lot of nothing came out of it. Wasted time.

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