December 28, 2015

I am so lost this season. It's already over. My gift giving was limited to the young folk this year. I basically just had enough time to shop on 12.23.15 and although I began the journey stressing out we had a great time, shopped local only. We did Manchester by the Sea some lovely shops that I will call out later in a better post. We did Rockport shops and basically kept it simple and local and small.
This was so much better than spending time and money at the big malls on mostly dare I say it junk.
We also shopped our very favorite gals in Beverly TIEN2.
A wrap up with links to the places we shopped shall follow on this week.

And for 2016 my motto is shop American Made, Shop Local and Shop Smart.
I am going to try to set up some workshops to really get folks head around this concept so stay tuned for more.

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