May 20, 2015

I just turned 50 this past December and starting thinking more about art, especially public art. What career may I have done had I been exposed to art at a much younger age? 

We simply did not have art exposure in my family during the mid-late 60s and into the 1970s. We were a family of regulars, working class and almost too ordinary, we like many were TV oriented. 

Thankfully there was a great sense of music in my home that I recall fondly. Much of it was of the 1950s era with lots of contemporary music in Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis, scores from various musicals of the time period such as the Sound of Music and Yes, we actually listened to albums back then. 

From listening to that music and much Italian culture pop music to variety shows such as Lawrence Welk, Sonny and Cher, and even The Osmond family there was at least some art form floating around the small apartment in Nonantum, MA and then the home in West Newton, MA. 

I do think music was an inspiration for me but I wonder how much more creative I would have been had I had a true exposure to art from a public art vantage point. Certainly public art and exposure to art at a young age from a perspective other than one's parents or caregivers at home is very shaping of one's art character. 

Pondering this I have created some art action for myself, I am pleased to be doing some work at the Peabody Essex Museum with families and children, also joined the Salem Arts Association this year and reading to children at the Beverly Children's Learning Center. I feel like I am touching art in all of these places and with art also touching the hearts and minds of youth that cross my path. New and emerging artists, youth and public art are all a part of my new North Shore living experience, what could be better?

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