August 23, 2013

Diary of a Shut-In

Not sure how much styling consultation I can do live over the next four to six weeks.
I broke my foot. Crazy accident. One moment I am standing the next I am well... down.

So I am alone, up in the beautiful, North of Boston where I can convalesce in a ranch. Thank goodness it is all one floor, only a few steps out the front door if I should need to flee fire. (One has to think about this when one is on crutches) Handicap bathroom with bars (thank God) and some left over items from elder care like a chair for sitting in the shower. Yes like a medical chair from the medical supply store.

I am hard pressed to understand how people do this as a lifestyle and I am so grateful that this is only temporary. Having help to shower is really an odd state of being. Not being able to drive is very weird. Asking someone for help doing mundane daily living sort of stuff is very tiresome. I am lucky to have help. Lucky to be able to just sit on this sofa with my foot elevated and a lap top so that I can still feel somewhat alive and connected to the outside world.  Thank you AWS for all your love and support.

On a style note, well as summer winds down and we are all going somewhere, back to school, back to whatever parents do when kids go back to school or in my case nothing we need to still embrace color. Before long we will be in the Fall so right now do some fresh neon tones, be bright and bold with color as you return to school. Kids over the next 4-6 weeks while I heal embrace color!

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