May 1, 2013

Ballet and Fashion meet up at the Mall at Chestnut Hill

I had the good fortune of having Tina Sutton in the store on Monday. Tina has been a great friend to Eileen Fisher in the Boston area over the years I have worked for the company. You can often find Tina writing about fashion for the Boston Globe but she shared a new project she has been working on with us! In a follow up email to her visit she shared the blog with me and I find all that she is writing about these days so fascinating. 

Check out what she shared with us earlier this week:

I'm posting a blog on Chanel's ill-fated foray into costume design for the Ballets Russes on It's a funny story if you have a moment to check it out.

Thank you for your kind wishes and look forward to stopping by again soon.  All Best - Tina

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