April 19, 2013

No words...

I wish I were a writer and could eloquently put to paper or blogger sphere something profound. I cannot. I have no words. To form word would be to acknowledge all the many emotions. I have yet to sort those out. Shock, disbelief, anger, fear, denial, and back again to shock. I wish I could be one of those people that leaps to one's feet and is courageous, brave and filled with the call to action. I am one of the people who sits and frets and bites one's nails and uses social media to reach out and see what is going on and to try to connect with others. I freeze most often in the face of danger. This was one big ugly face. I wonder about all the lives changed. Those families who lost loved ones and who did not lose a life but a limb. Those families related to the suspects. Those of us who were locked up in the USA in their own homes for a day while this was running it's course. So many elements have played out to change us all. I can only say that if this means we do something nicer, better, with more compassion, ease, wonder, loving kindness then maybe just maybe it was all not for naught.
Again, I wish I were a writer, I wish I could pen something meaningful but alas I can only say this, thank GOD more blood was not shed. Let's pray that this is the end. Let's help one another heal.

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