June 1, 2012

Scarves, Scarves and more Scarves

I have a million scarves and I love them so I have no business looking at Lemlem's web site or the cotton scarves there. My bohemian dressing calls for a scarf a day.

I love that they are crafted from locally sourced, all natural cotton by artisans in Ethiopia.
I still see a colorful scarf as the one thing you must have to travel with and if you wear tons of neutrals then it is your go to brightener for your dressing.

Check out the product and the mission you might be pleasantly surprised that you will be willing to pay $160.00 for a piece of wearable art.

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

I love scarfs but find myself wondering how to make them look like more than just a piece of cloth around my neck.

YouTube video tutorial?

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