September 28, 2010

Newbury Street

Nora C and I did the Newbury Street girls day last Thursday - two highlights other than lunch were Cotelac on 168 Newbury Street Boston very French and worth the trip. I got Nora to buy the cutest top. Clothes that feel good and look good, flowing away from the body. Everything is relaxed and washable! The fabrics are interesting both in color and texture there are a ton of pleats, ruching and wrinkles. It is a very international and cosmopolitan line and the dresses are to die for. Simple and elegant. Slightly over sized the aesthetic is a bit of fresh air.

We checked out the new All Saints store also there on Newbury. I loved every little thing in that store. I did not dare to try anything on. I just wanted to stand amidst it all and soak it in.
I think I embarrassed Nora with my little shrieks and mini screams as I touched everything.

Ah...the art of shopping!

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