May 1, 2010

2009 Women’s Business Grant Winners

Last week I was in NYC with a wonderful group of women grantees from the 2009 year.

It was an honor and a great opportunity to meet these women and learn about their individual companies and the innovative, sustainable, entrepreneurial efforts they are undertaking.

They represent business models that are each diverse and we are confident in their ability to move forward as these enterprises are the best examples of organizations for the future.

The 2009 winners include Bio Fuel Oasis (a worker-owned cooperative) based in Berkeley, CA

GG2G (Eco-chic handbags and accessories from repurposed materials)

Kids Konserve (reusable kids lunch products and education for kids and recycling)

Congrats to my new friends from the above organizations:

Lynn Julian, Chance Claxton, Ace Anderson, Novella Carpenter, Margaret Farrow, Melissa Hardy, Jennifer Radtke and Day Moore

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