December 2, 2009

The Row by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

I am hitting 45 years old in a couple weeks and I guess I have completely lost my mind, or am having some mid-life crisis or gosh only knows...

I fell in love with this cardigan at Barney's yesterday. I know you ask what is a poor gal like you doing in Barney's on a random Tuesday.

I was waiting on the seamstress to get a pair of black pants for my EF uniform hemmed up, and so I wandered over to the rack of The Row. What do I know?

And there it was and it called out to me. It was so beautiful I did not even have the heart to look at the price tag.

You all know how I feel about pop-culture, TV icons, Hollywood and the like, so it killed me that the line is produced by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - could they be any more L.A. twenty - somethings?

I investigated the on line world of style. They are out there, since 2007 and they are a big deal.

Anyway... I cannot have this little expensive treat. RATS ASS!

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