September 13, 2009

Free Fall...

Ah fall is here and so many many good things are in the air:

First let's talk food Sofia Italian Steak House on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury. The address is 1430 VFW and only go there if you can have our favorite waiter Marc Tarquinio. Ask for him when you place your reservation. We know Marc from his former employment, he is smart, funny, cute, attentive and knowledgeable about foods and wines. We love him.

Now let's talk killer dress as in Vena Cava at Barney's ... I have gone down there at least once a week to drool over it. I told the lovely gay man who wanted to know if I would like to try it on that it would be something I would consider in my next life when I come back young and skinny.

Maybe if I stopped eating out?

Some cute fall finds-

I have been reading tons of magazines these days and The Oprah magazine had three really cool things that I liked - two sweaters from Theory in cotton/cashmere one worn by Oprah herself on the cover. The color is this shadow blue heather, the cardigan is called the NISA cardigan and it retails for $315.00 and it is beautiful. The one worn by Lauren Hutton on page 197 also by Theory for Neiman Marcus caught my eye. The fun Hunter Wellies by Jimmy Choo also got me interested in a fun bit of rain gear.

So let the wish lists for fall 2009/winter 2010 begin...

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